Industrial packaging

Transport protection of metal sheets and profiles Transport protection for coils Protective sleeve Plastic box in customised dimensions


Olitec Packaging is offering a wide range of industrial packaging. Our product range includes both standard and customized products for production, storage and transport, mainly in clean, strong and hygienic plastic material. In general packaging is serving to minimize scrapping, waist and claims. That is why we, together with our customers, develop and improve solutions that ensures maximum savings and gives optimal conditions. Dipack corrugated plastic is a very nice example, as we can develop and produce boxes in Dipack, which fit exactly to the our customers production facilities and products. Dipack is resistant to water, oil and chemicals and can therefore be used within all industries as both one-way and multi-way solution. Dipack is also being used a lot for protective packaging of metal plates in all shapes

Plastic packaging is being used within most sectors such as metal industry, chemical industry, electronic industry and the recycling and waste industry. Our plastic pallets are very ideal for both internal handling and storage, but also for transport and export. One of the biggest advantages about plastic pallets is that they can be used through out the world without any certification etc.

Large industrial packaging such as pallet boxes, IBC’s, foldable pallet containers makes it possible to store and transport liquids, powder, granulate, metal components and other unmanageably products in a space saving and effective way. Standard dimensions does it easy to optimize packaging in truck and warehouse and save space and transport costs.

The product range is huge and the possibilities many, so please contact us if you have any questions or can not find what you are looking for. We would be pleased to help finding a solution for your project.

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Olitec Packaging Solutions K/S is a packaging company that has existed since 1993 and we are specialized in dealing with plastic packaging.

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Plastic packaging from Olitec Packaging Solutions K/S is audited by the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. Click here to see and download control reports.

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